We know that many people are reluctant to make Wills.  Our goal is to make the preparation of your Will as friendly and clear as possible. We help you to find the best solution for documenting your wishes, no matter how straightforward or complex your affairs. We will assist you with tax-saving Wills.

Whether you wish to leave your estate to your spouse, children, friends or charity, our Solicitors will prepare a Will that meets your precise needs We will advise you in the use of Trusts in Wills as part of Inheritance Tax Planning and Asset Protection Planning, in order to minimise tax and as a way of controlling what happens to wealth and property after the owner’s death.

Twickenham & Teddington Solicitors

Providing first class legal advice throughout South West London and Surrey, for over 40 years

Principal Contacts:

We can assist you with:

  • Preparing and drafting your Will
  • Advising on specific Wills
    • Family Wills
    • Tax-saving Wills
    • Asset/Wealth Protection Wills
    • Beneficiary Protection Wills
    • Pet Protection Provisions
  • Setting up a Trust in your Will to care for minors or vulnerable adults
  • Advising on how to dispose of your property in the most efficient way
  • The use of Pilot Trusts in Wills
  • The use of The SRB Trustee Company Limited as executor and/or trustee

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