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SRB is now offering a brand-new costs management service to legal practices with a personal injury (PI) and clinical negligence (CN) portfolio.

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Costs Management in the Modern Legal practice

The discipline of costs management, especially with regard to personal injury (PI) and clinical negligence (CN) multi-track cases, has become increasingly complex and prescribed, especially with the public focus on NHS budgets.

This complexity brings great risks and challenges for the modern legal practice and its profitability. SRB take the subject very seriously, for the benefit of our clients as well as our own professional integrity. Jamie Jones is a qualified solicitor who orchestrates costs management for SRB. His in-house expertise, built up over many years, has benefitted the practice with their multi-faceted case book.

This expertise has enabled SRB to manage costs within the PI/CN area with rigorous attention to detail, to the benefit of our clients and all parties involved.

The SRB Costs Management Service for Legal Practices

SRB is now offering a brand-new costs management service to legal practices with a PI/CN portfolio. This service is based on Jamie’s insight as both a costs expert and practising solicitor and a proven track record of delivering real benefit over sub-contracted Draughtsman services.

This new service aims to enhance your business through a practical and thorough approach to costs management.

We can help you with any of the following:

  • A trial fixed-costs review of a single case
  • Health-check of existing procedures and recommendations for improved practices
  • Costs budget preparation/costs management process i.e. directions and CCMC
  • Bill of costs/N260/breakdown of costs preparation 
  • Costs negotiation and advice
  • Detailed assessment hearings/advocacy
  • Civil & Commercial Mediation

Principle Contact

Paige Symns


SRB are also able to offer Mediation services in the Civil and Commercial area (Jamie Jones) or in the Family area (Lisa Broddle). Both Lisa and Jamie are Accredited Mediators

Mediation is a completely voluntary and confidential form of alternative dispute resolution.

It involves an independent, impartial person helping two or more individuals or groups (separately or together) reach a solution that’s acceptable to everyone.

Mediators are not engaged to make judgments or decide on matters – they ask questions and assist parties in understanding issues.  A good mediator will help a party clarify their objectives and identify the important issues in resolving a difference or dispute.

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