In 2011, the Legal Services Board published their decision paper on increasing diversity and social mobility in the legal workforce. This requires approved regulators, such as the SRA, to ensure that a comprehensive evidence base about the diverse characteristics of the legal workforce is available.

In compliance with the Regulations we carry out a bi-annual survey and a copy of the workforce diversity data is available on request.

This allows us to have a workplace free of discrimination and allows equal opportunity for all. At SRB we have a work culture that is centred around being fair. 

Increasing diversity and social mobility mean we can drive workplace equality and remove any form of harassment within our field. Keeping a professional atmosphere. The growth of diversity in the workplace will lead to the growth of our business. 

 Our belief is that it will help with productivity, awareness of different cultures and let our employees reach their full potential. Each one of our current employees has their own unique background and in the legal workforce, it allows us to do better for our clients.