Low Claimant Fees Could Cost The NHS

2022-03-21T15:55:50+00:00February 24th, 2016|

Fixed Cost Fees Could Cost The NHS According to a recent report, the screening of medical negligence cases by lawyers could become an “unaffordable luxury” if fees are too low, meaning more are simply issued. The Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL) has warned that; “Rather than weeding out the claims less likely to succeed, [...]

‘Common-law’ Wife Risks Losing Her Home

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Estranged Wife Risks Losing Her Home A court case going through the Central London County Court has highlighted once again the difficulties cohabitees face when one partner dies and there is a dispute over their assets. Although Joy Williams had lived with her partner, Norman Martin, for nearly two decades, Mr Martin had never divorced [...]

Non-Doms Targeted In Proposed HMRC Law Changes

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Non-Domiciled Targeted In Proposed HMRC Law Changes Non-UK domiciled individuals will no doubt wish to look at the draft clauses which were published by HMRC on 2ndFebruary 2016 which will deem long term UK residents to be UK domiciled for the purposes of income and capital gains tax. These deeming provisions are intended to apply [...]

Positive Parenting: Learning From One Another

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Positive Parenting: Learning From Others Becoming a parent, and bringing your children up well, is possibly the greatest challenge many of us will face in life. Of course, we all make mistakes along the way, especially when most working people have to combine a career with raising a family, but all too often we overlook [...]