Fixed Cost Fees Could Cost The NHS

According to a recent report, the screening of medical negligence cases by lawyers could become an “unaffordable luxury” if fees are too low, meaning more are simply issued.

The Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL) has warned that; “Rather than weeding out the claims less likely to succeed, it will prove cheaper for claimant lawyers to lodge all claims, forcing the defendant NHS or NHSLA to do the screening work instead – at extra cost to the public purse.”

An APIL briefing paper entitled Managing the cost of medical negligence claims, which responds to plans by the Department of Health to impose fixed costs on cases worth up to £250,000, says that if the NHS had to screen cases the result would be “cost shifting, not cost reduction.”

The Association also highlight that law firms had turned away 85% of potential medical negligence claims which came through the door, by applying a screening process in the early stages. Of the claims which proceeded, early admissions were only secured on a small proportion.

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