A guide to divorcing the sane way

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Divorcing the sane way: A guide This is me – Kate, and I work as a qualified Counsellor. I help couples navigate the emotionally messy business of relationship breakdown and divorce.  I’m also a Coach and Management Consultant and an expert in the psychology of behaviour change - but that’s another story. I’m divorced myself, [...]

Are businesses taking increasing risks by offering credit terms?

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Offering credit terms, is it risky for business? Retention of Title – an effective remedy? In our current difficult economic climate, businesses are taking an increasing risk when supplying goods on credit terms. Whilst, commercially, a seller of goods may have little option but to give credit if it wants to remain competitive, there is [...]

The elderly face losing “almost all of their wealth”

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The elderly may lose “almost all of their wealth” The front page of last Saturday’s Telegraph (3/11/12) painted a grim picture, detailing how a rising number of elderly people face losing “almost all of their wealth” to pay for social care, after the Government admitted it was “unable to commit” to reforming the system. The [...]

Civil Liability in Health and Safety at Work

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Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Bill amended The Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Bill (ERRB) has been amended by the government at the very last minute – at Report Stage – in the House of Commons to remove a basic right of injured workers. If this clause remains, employers will no longer be liable in the civil [...]