Will Registration

67% of people do not know where to find their parents’ Wills

Not being able to locate a Will causes untold distress at a very difficult time for your loved ones.

It may be assumed that you do not have a Will.

An old Will may be discovered and deemed to be your final wishes.

If your Will cannot be found after your death then your beneficiaries may not receive their inheritance in accordance with your instructions.

Your Will may be found after your estate has been distributed.

Family disputes can occur.

Will registration ensures that following your death your Will can be found or if your copy Will is lost, misplaced or forgotten about over the passage of time, the location of the original can be identified.

We can now register your Will as part of our Will writing service.

 For more information please contact Karen Grimm on 020 8891 6141 or k.grimm@srb.co.uk