Twickenham Young Person’s Poetry Competition results

The judges were delighted with the quality of entries to the  SRB sponsored Twickenham Poetry Competition for 4-16 year-olds.  It was really lovely to read all the different perspectives of Twickenham and to discover what the town means to the young residents.

The winners’ poems are printed below, but well done to all the young people that entered.

4 – 7 years

Scan of poem about Twickenham town

Winner: Hannahli Foley, aged 6 [poem above]
Runner up 1: Phoebe Rose Chadwick
Runner up 2: Teig Corrin

8 – 11 years

What is Twickenham?

It’s the fairy winged butterflies soaring through the topaz sky, trying to reach the top of the regal Shot Tower in Spring. 

It’s Crane Park’s colour-bursting meadow of wild flowers captivating me with their tame hearts in Summer.      

It’s Kneller Garden’s fallen Autumn leaves, like a pirate’s treasure chest, brimming with amber, ruby’s and fools gold.

And it’s making snow angels on the thick crystallised Winter blanket that covers Twickenham Green as the promise of lemon drizzle cake and hot chocolate at Arthur’s awaits.

What is Twickenham?

It’s Spring picnics under cherry blossom trees in York Gardens, dreamily gazing at the statues, wanting a taste of their mystery.

It’s the sweet, ripened peaches and strawberries, a gift to my senses at the Farmers’ Market in Holly Road, during the Summer.                                                                         

It’s children collecting conkers, laughing and tossing saffron and sunset orange coloured leaves in Marble Hill Park.

And it’s watching the glistening snow, calmly settling down on the silky grass, on Eel Pie Island in the freezing Winter. Fireworks of joy exploding in my heart knowing another year awaits. 

Winner; Kyra Kerezovic, aged 9 [poem above]
Runner up: James Lattanzio, aged 11

12 – 16 years


The river laps against the shore
The duck’s noises are no more
The clouds veil the hidden sky
The reeds whisper hooded lies
As the Radnor students bid goodbye
Twickenham welcomes the night sky

The cars’ honking dies away
Fading with the light,
But as the day recedes
The night proceeds
To descend down on the river
Silenced temporarily, Twickenham is still

But as the humans settle down
The wind has just begun
Roaring past Radnor House
Splashing down the river
Cascading, falling, flowing
Twickenham laughs derisively
For no one can control it…

Winner: Beatrice Wilding, aged 13 [poem above]
Runner up: Annie Leighton, aged 13

Once again, Stone Rowe Brewer LLP thanks all those who entered. Your prizes will be posted out by the organisers.