Twickenham Ice Rink Sponsorship Opportunities

Planning Permission has been granted to install a temporary 300m2 ice rink in the grounds of York House, the municipal headquarters of London Borough of Richmond upon Thames

The rink will be sited on two tennis courts facing the main road and will operate from Saturday 30th November 2013 until Saturday 11th January 2014 (with an additional two weeks for rig and derig). The rink will operate from 10.00 am until 8.00 pm every day except Christmas DayThere is also planning permission for one food and drink concession

Historic York House is a seventeenth century building set in beautiful grounds on the edge of Twickenham town centre near the River Thames.  It is near to Twickenham railway station and has an excellent bus service from all areas of the Borough.

The rink will reintroduce skating, to Twickenham and Richmond and the surrounding areas, which has been sorely missed since Richmond Ice Rink closed in 1992. The participation of many of those who skated at the rink in East Twickenham, as staff and volunteer marshalls, will bring a vibrant sporting event to the area during the Christmas and New Year period and help to increase footfall in local shops and restaurants, etc. The Council Arts Service is interested in participating in an opening ceremony event and the skaters from the old Richmond Ice Rink have many ideas for interesting skating displays.

The rink will be provided by a leader in the field of Eco-Rinks and provider has provided rinks in many sensitive sites around the country, including the Natural History MuseumCanary Wharf, the Tower of London and Hyde Park. 

Stone Rowe Brewer LLP have set up ‘Twickenham Alive (Ice Rink) Ltd’ for the temporary ice rink to operate and manage the finances of the rink.  All partners’ investment and ticket sales revenue will be held in the name of the company and all partners will be shareholders in proportion to their investment. As per the terms of the Shareholders’ Agreement at the end of the rink’s operation the company will distribute by way of dividend 100% of the profit of the company. Thus once the rink is closed and all costs, taxes etc. have been paid the remaining funds will be returned to sponsors/partners proportionally.

Twickenham Alive are seeking partners to invest in the ice rink, both for funding and in kind services.

There are still many ways we can reduce costs by getting goods & services in kind, or for example finding a cheaper supplier of the skate exchange marquee.  We are also working with about 100 ex Richmond Ice Rink skaters who want to help staff the rink and this could reduce staff costs dramatically.

Please note that the figures do not include any advertising income, i.e. on the barriers surrounding the rink.

We have included a £10,000 contingency fund.

The Council sports department will help sell tickets to schools and sports groups. The RFU also has contacts with schools and community groups and RHP and others have shown an interest in sponsoring skating sessions.

A ticketing system has been sponsored by Participant who have offices in Richmond.

Twickenham Alive can offer sponsors advertising at the rink, including in the ice, advertisements in Programmes and on our websites. We will endeavour to make sure that sponsors are always mentioned in press articles. Corporate events can be arranged using the whole rink plus a private room at an adjacent venue.

Please contact us if you would like further information.

Teresa Read:    07958 336944

Berkley Driscoll              07722 730389