Grandparents Taking Control: Special Guardianship Orders Have Almost Doubled

The last four years has seen a steep rise in the amount of Grandparents going to court seeking Special Guardianship Orders (SGOs), which allow them to secure contact with their grandchildren in the event of a divorce in the family, as well as to acquire parental responsibility. According to recent report, the number of SGOs has risen from 1,313 in 2011 to 1,931 in 2014, which constitutes an increase of 47 per cent.

Lisa Broddle, Stone Rowe Brewer’s Family and Collaborative Lawyer, Mediator and Partner, attributes the rise to a variety reasons, with a greater willingness from Grandparents to get involved following divorce or ill-health, as well as to actively intervene when they feel their grandchildren’s welfare has become a cause for concern: “The needs of children are the first consideration and family relationships are important.”

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