Richmond & Twickenham Property Bucking The National Trend

It seems that hardly a week goes by without more gloomy economic news breaking. But if there is one piece of silver lining emerging from behind the financial storm clouds, perhaps it could be that the property market in Richmond and Twickenham is escaping many of the problems being faced in other areas of the country. Stone Rowe Brewer’s Conveyancing specialist, Emma Andrews, explains; “The property market in our Borough is buoyant, with Richmond-upon-Thames and Twickenham, in particular, seemingly in a bubble. Business is as busy as ever, which is very positive.”

But the problems facing the property market nationally, as well as mortgage lenders’ well publicised reluctance to pass on the benefits of low-cost borrowing to the general public during the economic downturn, means that Emma is careful to state that nothing should be taken for granted, even if Richmond appears to be bucking the problematic trends.

Typically, at this time of year, we see a lot of clients who want to move in before Christmas.  With the right advisors on board this is easily achievable, but all too often, delays can be caused by the very people who should be assisting a transaction.

Having the confidence that your house move is being handled by a dedicated member of staff, and not just lost in a pile on a ‘production line’, is also very reassuring during what is one of life’s most stressful times. According to Emma; “It is more important than ever to ensure that efficiency, excellent communication standards, and an in-depth knowledge of the local market, are essential qualities when appointing solicitors to help sell your home. Every week counts, so we work efficiently, thus reducing the chance that any party involved in the chain has a change of heart because of an unnecessarily drawn-out exchange.”

Timing is imperative from both a buyers’ and a sellers’ perspective – we’ve seen several mortgage lenders increased their Standard Variable rates recently, with more rumoured to follow, so once you have found the house of your dreams it is vital to get all the preliminary paperwork processed as quickly as possible so that a mortgage offer can be secured from your bank or building society.

Stone Rowe Brewer has a proud reputation for providing bespoke standards of service that are in a different league to many if their competitors, as Emma explains; “During office hours I am nearly always at my desk and available to take a call and answer any questions directly, because we are fully aware of how important a house move is for our clients.”

So, if you are in the position where you have just found a buyer for your home, are placing your house on the market, or about to put an offer in on a property, a phone call to Emma Andrews at Stone Rowe Brewer could be one of the most important conversations you will have this year.

For further information, call Emma on 020 8891 6141.