Trusts can be very useful when used correctly.  They can be an excellent way of saving tax, protecting wealth and achieving simple solutions for families with complications e.g. where there have been second or third marriages.   When there are various individuals who want different things, how do you create harmony?  Answer – you create a well structured trust! Our experienced Solicitors and support staff will explain how Trusts work and how they can help you find a solution that will work for you.  You may want to protect your children’s inheritance from a broken marriage/relationship.  You may want to support an elderly parent who can no longer look after their own finances.  You may want to pass on some of your savings to your children or grandchildren but you don’t want them to receive the money yet.  These are just some examples of where Trusts can help.  They don’t have to be complicated and they are easy to understand if they are explained properly.

We can assist you with:

  • Lifetime Trusts – you can use your nil rate band which will save IHT
  • Trusts in Will for wealth protection
  • Discretionary Trusts to protect vulnerable beneficiaries
  • Flexible Life Interest Wills to protect your estate against nursing home fees
  • Protective Trusts
  • Pilot Trusts
  • Tax Planning Trusts
  • Dealing with Annual Trust Accounts
  • Advising Trustees on running a Trust
  • Our Trust Corporation, The SRB Trustee Company Limited may be appointed as a Trustee

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