Court of Protection Solicitors

The Court of Protection was established to protect people who cannot protect themselves due to lack of mental capacity.  If no Attorney has been appointed in a Lasting Power of Attorney –  then the Court is there to deal with decision making, and in some cases, disputes.  The Court’s decisions are based on the best interests of the vulnerable person.

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We can assist you with:

  • Appointment as a Deputy
  • Statutory Wills (making a will on behalf of an incapacitated person)
  • Capacity Disputes
  • Family Disputes relating to someone without capacity
  • Appointing our Trust Corporation as a Deputy
  • Deprivation of Liberty matters

Our Experience

We have experience of a wide range of Court of Protection matters from fairly simple  ones such as uncontested Deputyship and Statutory Will applications, to more complex and difficult matters such as contentious proceedings relating to Deputyship and Enduring Powers of Attorney;  we also have experience of Deprivation of Liberty Orders.

Most importantly, we understand that this is rarely an easy time for friends or family members of the person who needs the Court’s help.  We have a strong record of success for our clients in proceedings at the Court and we are equally interested in guiding our clients through a difficult period of their lives with expertise and sensitivity.

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