Online Video Meetings for Initial Advice Meetings

Online Video Meetings for Initial Advice Meetings, Options Meetings, Mediation Information and Assessment Meetings and Mediation at Stone Rowe Brewer LLP

Whilst we have always conducted Online Video Meetings, this has been infrequently. We are all working in different ways, rather than the traditional office-based face to face meetings. Whilst I still consider that there is a greater understanding and rapport in a face to face meeting, an Online Video Meeting can be more cost-effective for a client as they do not have the issue of arranging time off work to travel to the meeting in addition to the meeting itself and choice of Solicitor or Mediator can be wider as the location is less of an issue.

Will we be working more in Online Video Meetings when we return to normality? A face to face meeting is best for mutual understanding and building a working relationship, but it will be a service that we will continue to offer to our clients. Whilst we can work remotely, access to paper files, office equipment and colleagues all mean that the legal work can be undertaken more quickly and efficiently in the office.

We are offering an Initial Advice Meeting in an Online Video Meeting. Another alternative is an Options Information Meeting where we provide general information and process options rather than specific advice and your circumstances are not applied to the law. This may be what you are looking for before making a decision about the Best Process and Next Steps.

Mediation with an Online Video Meeting has additional complexities as we are connecting with three people and we all want to ensure we are able to see each other clearly to understand both the verbal and non-verbal information. Observing and using body language is an important tool in engagement and understanding in Mediation. Both Participants need to be proceeding at the right pace both factually and emotionally, to be able to understand and participate fully to find solutions together. Online Video Mediation is particularly helpful if the two Participants are in different locations. To ensure it works effectively, any paperwork will need to be provided in advance of the Mediation.

For all Online Video Meetings the Administrative Formalities will need to be undertaken before the meeting as follows:

  1. Conflict of Interest Checks.
  2.  Payment on account of costs for the Meeting and the ID Searches.
  3.  Identity Verification (Passport, Photo Driving Licence, two other forms of ID which are no more than 3 months old to verify your address: bank statement, credit card, utility bill or council tax demand) and Searches.
  4.  Preparation, Client Signature and return to us of Terms and Conditions of Business or Agreement to Mediate.
  5.  Exchange of Digital Contact Information for Skype or another provider.
  6. Booking the Meeting to take place in a quiet and undisturbed place where we will invite the participants to join the Meeting.

If you would like Advice and Information about Relationship Preparation or Breakdown, Separation, Divorce, Parenting Arrangements for Your Children, Finances, Planning for the Future and Your Options for Finding a Solution whether in an Initial Advice Meeting or Options Information Meeting where we can consider using: Personal Negotiation, Solicitor Negotiation, the Collaborative Process, Mediation, Independent Neutral Evaluation, Arbitration or the Court Process or a Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting to consider whether you and your former Partner wish to consider working with me in Mediation.

Please contact Lisa Broddle, Partner, Head of the Family Team, Family and Collaborative Lawyer and Accredited Mediator or Annie Tanielian, Family Lawyer and Solicitor or a member of the Family Team, who will be able to answer any questions you may have.

Please call 020 8891 6141 or email our family team here.