Updated Mediation Service

SRB are offering Mediation Information and Assessment Meetings (MIAMS) from 1 September 2012, which will be complimentary to our Alternative Dispute Resolution models of Mediation and Collaborative Practice.

You should also be aware that from April 2011, applicants wishing to make an application in relevant family proceedings, should provide a completed FM1 with their application that confirms they have attended a Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting (or are exempt from doing so.)

The assessment meeting will cover:

  • Eligibility for public funding. (Please note: Public funding is not available from our mediators.)
  • Information on family mediation and other alternative dispute resolution such as the collaborative process.
  • Suitability for mediation.
  • Willingness to mediate.

After the meetings with you and your partner, which can be held either individually or together if you wish, if appropriate, you will proceed with the mediation, then sign an Agreement to Mediate. If mediation cannot take place, the signed FM1 will be provided to enable the applicant to issue court proceedings.

For more information call Lisa Broddle on 020 8891 6141

The Stone Rowe Brewer website also contains a selection of detailed guides and information sheets which cover all aspects of Family Law. To read or download them click here