Better Ways To Maintain The Rights of Injured People

Slow road signsIt has emerged that the recent government crackdown on the Personal Injury industry, in particular whiplash compensation claims, could put as many as 35,000 jobs at risk as well as preventing justice for injured motorists.

The study, which was commissioned by the Access to Justice lobbyists, show that more than 44,000 people specialise in personal injury cases in legal, medical or claims management roles, with a similar amount employed in support or supply chain positions – the report concludes that 35,000 of these jobs would be at risk if small claims are prevented from reaching court.

Martin Coyne, head of the industry’s campaign to amend the new rules said; “The government quite properly flew ministers to India to try and rescue 10,000 steel jobs, yet our own Justice Secretary, whose job it is to nurture the law, is hell-bent on shutting down an entire industry and riding roughshod over important rights that have been part of British law for centuries.”

Stone Rowe Brewer Partner, and Personal Injury specialist, Phillip Holt, acknowledges that; “It goes without saying that it is necessary to reduce fraudulent or frivolous claims, but there are better ways to maintain the rights of injured people to receive redress, but not at the expense of tens of thousands of jobs and for the sole benefit of insurance companies who have already increased insurance premium fees significantly during the past 12 months and have little or no intention to reduce insurance premiums for drivers.”

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