Moving Home – Genuinely Helping Our Clients

Admin of estatesI often think it is helpful for Solicitors to have practical experience of issues on which they are providing clients with advice.  For example,  it is always helpful when Conveyancing Solicitors move house because they are reminded of the challenges and anxieties that clients face when undertaking the same procedure. In the last six months, I have had to take responsibility for moving a family member from a hospital to a Nursing Home.

The circumstances will be familiar to many families.  There was a decline in health followed by admission to hospital, and then often a long period of stay in hospital whilst the medical condition is stabilised. For older patients, there are challenges with an enforced stay in hospital and often there is a decline in other aspects of health. In our case, there was a loss of mobility and the consequences that arise when someone is unable to bear their own weight.

The hospital staff who had been quite relaxed about the length of stay in the hospital bed, suddenly changed tack when it was clear that the condition had been stabilised. We were then involved in multi-disciplinary assessments and care plans, the hunt for nursing homes and the consideration of the fees and third-party top-up arrangements, including dealing with the local authority and consideration of the 12-week disregard rules.  In addition, there were many conversations with the management of the care home who will not take patients unless they are happy that their fees will be paid. We also had to read and approve the contract for the place in the home. It was quite daunting.

At Stone Rowe Brewer we often assist clients in working through these issues. Sometimes they are family members, who the hospital regard as “next of kin”. On other occasions, they are Attorneys acting under a Lasting Power of Attorney, or in some cases, an Enduring Power of Attorney. In some circumstances, it is necessary to consider whether a Deputy should be appointed to be able to take charge of finance and other assets.

If you think we can help on any of these matters please do not hesitate to contact us.  In the first instance please telephone and ask for Sue Seymour on 020 8891 6141 or email