Get a cervical smear test

Many young women will have been shocked in the last few years learning of the many deaths resultant of Cervical Cancer.

Amber Cliff, a 25 year old Business Graduate died of cervical cancer in 2017. Amber’s family fought to change the medical protocols and guidance on cervical smear tests so that any woman under the age of 25 can request a cervical smear test if she is experiencing unusual symptoms relating to the disease. Many are still fighting for this change.

Cervical cancer is something that can go undetected and often will not show signs until it is advanced. Women from the age of 25 are currently offered a cervical smear test to check the presentation of the cells in their cervix and ensure that there is nothing untoward going on. Commonly known symptoms relating to cervical cancer are abnormal bleeding between periods, bleeding during and after sexual intercourse and bleeding after the menopause.

Unfortunately Amber was reported as displaying the symptoms of cervical cancer from the age of 18. She sought advice from her GP who advised there was nothing to worry about. Under the current medical protocols in place, her GP would have been correct in giving this advice as it is very unusual for a woman of her age to be displaying these symptoms caused by the disease. Nonetheless, had Amber been offered a cervical smear sooner, it may well be that she would have experienced a different outcome.

Medical Protocols are of course essential to ensure uniformity of delivery across the UK” said Clare Gooch, a Medical Negligence Solicitor at SRB. “However, whilst the fight continues to alter these protocols, there are instances where the protocols currently in place are not adhered to or are poorly administered, which can lead to catastrophic consequences

We urge you to seek urgent medical attention if you are experiencing any symptoms that relate to cervical cancer. Don’t put off that all important cervical smear test. If you are over the age of 25 and haven’t already had one, get it booked now!!!!

Getting checked is best – Have a cervical smear test!