Form Error May Have Led To Unfair Divorce Settlements

Recent reports claim that a software error on the Ministry of  Justice (MOJ) version of the Form E, which is used to disclose each parties’ financial circumstances,  may have led to unfair financial settlements being agreed in divorce cases.

A reported software error meant that a parties’ liabilities were not take into account, which gave a misleading picture of their financial position and potentially an unfair financial agreement being reached or ordered by the court. The error may have affected settlements from April 2014 to date.

The MOJ software error does not affect Stone Rowe Brewer’s clients as we do not use the MOJ forms and use our own proprietary software.

If this is a topic that affects you and your family, or you would like to speak about this issue, please contact Lisa Broddle or Tanja Williamson at Stone Rowe Brewer, who will be able to answer any questions you may have. Please call 020 8891 6141 or e-mail or

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