Relationship Breakdown

It is not easy to make a decision about the future for you, your former Partner and family. It is important to obtain legal advice, at an early stage, to consider the best way to proceed and to plan all aspects of your future.

Whether you have made a decision to end the relationship or it is the decision of your former Partner you need to be aware there are repeating stages in the Loss Cycle: Denial; Anger; Bargaining; Depression and Acceptance which will have a significant impact on you.

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Sensitive & Clear Advice

There may be a sense of relief that your relationship has ended or failure because you were powerless to stop it from ending. The changing strong emotions of distress, anger, inertia, paranoia, grief, fear of change, rushing ahead, loss of worth, confusion, guilt and punishment. We provide sensitive and clear advice, information and referrals to Family Consultants, helping you recognise the behaviours, moving at your pace to acceptance and achieve awareness in your decision making.

We will remind you to be kind to yourself, remember the good things in the relationship and try to be kind to your former Partner, helping you work together now and in the future parenting of your children.

Separation, divorce and dissolution change your relationship status but you will also need to consider parenting arrangements for your children and the finances.  The finances will include a review of interim and long term arrangements for ownership and division of income and assets.  A new Will may be needed to reflect your wishes now and in the future.

We can assist you with advice and implementation of:

  • Separation.
  • Divorce.
  • Judicial Separation.
  • Dissolution of Civil Partnership.

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