What is Mediation?

The Mediator helps you find solutions that work for you and your family. Mediation works because we can motivate both parties to engage in the process of resolving the issues.

  • Mediation is confidential and puts you in control of the time frame, agenda and outcome.
  • Family Mediation is less stressful, quicker and more cost effective than a long drawn out Court case.

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The Mediation Process

You have the chance to explain to the Mediator the things that you wish to discuss and resolve with your former Partner and consider whether Mediation is suitable in a Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting which can be attended separately or with your former Partner.

If both Partners wish to go ahead with Mediation, the Agreement to Mediate will be given to each participant to read before the First Mediation Meeting.

The first Mediation Meeting will proceed with a discussion of and signature of the Agreement to Mediate.  The issues the participants wish to discuss can be identified and an agenda agreed. The number of meetings and the work to be done by the participants in between the meetings, such as preparing the Financial Information, obtaining independent legal advice and other information will depend on the issues to be discussed. Mediation Meetings usually last for one and a half hours and there is no correspondence between the participants and the Mediator, except for administrative matters.

The Mediators Role

The Mediator will manage the process and support the participants by:

  • • Setting an agenda, dealing with financial disclosure and managing the Mediation Process.
  • Helping both participants listen and have their chance to speak.
  • Summarising, clarifying, testing and exploring options in a flexible, problem solving way.
  • Helping the participants communicate in a respectful way.
  • Providing legal and practical information when needed.
  • Highlighting what legal advice should be sought from respective solicitors.
  • Managing Next Steps, to progress Mediation.
  • Providing Mediation Summaries to assist the participants.
  • Once an outline agreement is reached between the participants the Mediator will prepare the Memorandum of Understanding and the Open Statement of Financial Information.
  • The participants need to take legal advice and make the Memorandum of Understanding into a legally binding agreement with the help of solicitors or the Courts.

What can you Mediate?

Mediation can be used to discuss arrangements for your children, finances, Living Together Agreements, Pre-Marital or Pre-Civil Contract Agreements, Post –Nuptial Agreements, disputes between family members, co-workers or neighbours, employer and employee.

Mediation helps you talk to each other, to find a solution that works.

 We can assist you in the role of Mediator or as your legal advisor, if you mediate with another agency

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