Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting

The Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting is with Lisa Broddle where you can provide details of the issues that you wish to resolve.  We will explain and review with you, your options on the process that best suits you and your former Partner. This meeting is also in preparation for proceeding with Lisa Broddle as a Mediator.

This is a fixed fee meeting of £200 plus VAT for an individual meeting or £120 plus VAT per person for a joint meeting.

The meeting will last for about an hour and there is no report letter.

A Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting is available to you alone or with your former Partner. If you take the option of having the meeting together we will also see you separately before the joint meeting.

If Mediation is not for you, another process can be used. We can provide you and your solicitor with written confirmation that you have considered Mediation, as required by the court.

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Advice During Mediation

We will provide you or your solicitor with the signed application to enable you to make your application to the Court.

As this is an information meeting, neither you or your former partner will become clients until you decide how you wish to proceed and instruct us further, either as a client for legal advice, or in Collaborative Separation and Divorce, or advice during Mediation or as your Mediator.

If you instruct Lisa Broddle as a Mediator, Lisa will be managing the discussions and the Mediation Process for you and your former Partner.  As a Mediator, Lisa can assist you in setting Goals, discussing arrangements for your Children, exchanging Financial Information, finding Solutions for you and your family.

Lisa can provide you with information, generate and test ideas, help you and your former Partner come to an understanding which can then be made into a legally binding order or agreement after independent legal advice from your own Solicitors.  Once Mediation starts, the costs of the Mediation are shared by both Partners or as agreed between you.

We recommend you both take independent legal advice with your own separate Solicitors throughout the Mediation to assist you on reviewing the information, consider solutions, receive legal advice and to make a binding agreement or Court Order leading on from the Memorandum of Understanding reached in Mediation.

It is important to obtain legal and mediation information at an early stage, to consider the best way to proceed and to plan all aspects of your future.

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