Initial Advice Meeting

This is a meeting which usually takes about one to two hours, or longer if there are multiple issues or you have a particularly complicated situation.

At the meeting you will tell us about your personal situation, your children and finances. We will address your worries, concerns, consider your preferences for the future and answer your questions.

We will give you advice, explain the law and apply your situation to the law to provide you with individual, specialist advice. We will discuss your options, preparation, strategy, planning and next steps together.

You will be provided with an Information Pack and Report Letter; confirming your circumstances and the advice given, an overview of separation, divorce, plans for your children, the financial process and the options you have about how you want to approach resolving issues with your former Partner.

Process Options

You have a choice of Process Options and may decide to use:

  • Personal Negotiation: “Kitchen Table” with task specific legal advice;
  • Mediation with legal advice alongside;
  • Task Specific Legal Advice;
  • Traditional Solicitor Negotiation with a full legal retainer;
  • Collaborative Separation and Divorce;
  • Arbitration
  • Application to the Court.
  • You can use one or a combination of these process options, taking the best from each, tailored to your needs and budget.

You can be supported by other professionals: Family Consultants, Accountants, IFAs, Counsellors, Valuers and Surveyors, as the need arises.

After the Initial Advice Meeting, Information Pack and Report Letter, you will have an overview of your situation and Process Options, so that you can start to make decisions about the future for you and your family.

You may feel able to discuss Process Options with your former Partner and we can help you with this so that you are able take the course of action or discussions that are needed to manage family change. It is important to obtain legal advice, at an early stage, to consider the best way to proceed and to plan all aspects of your future.

Principal Contact

Lisa Broddle

Lisa Broddle

Partner, Head of Family Team, Solicitor / Collaborative Lawyer & Accredited Mediator

Please contact Lisa Broddle, who will be able to answer any questions you may have on 020 8891 6141 or e-mail

Or Email Here

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