Don’t fall foul of the recent Employment Law changes

As you may be aware, the Government launched a Red Tape Challenge in 2011, with a particular spotlight on Employment Law – the aim was to simplify and improve the system, to assist businesses and boost economic recovery.

The changes have been far-reaching, looking at employment disputes, the employment tribunal system and extending flexible working. Some changes have been implemented and some future proposals are also being consulted on. April 6th 2012 became an
important date in Employment Law, as a number of changes were brought into force.

Currently, employees with one years’ continuous employment may bring a claim for unfair dismissal in the employment tribunal. However, for those whose employment starts on or after April 6th 2012, they will now have to wait two years before being able to bring a claim for unfair dismissal.

We will update you on further Employment Law developments in future news updates, however, if you would like to discuss how these proposed changes could impact your business, and the best ways to prepare for them, please contact Sarah Smith on 020 8891 6141.