What is Conscious Uncoupling?

The term Conscious Uncoupling has come to the attention of the world this week following the announcement that Cold Play front man, Chris Martin, and actress, Gwyneth Paltrow, plan to separate. Admittedly the terminology may be regarded as rather “Californian” for us here in the UK, however, Stone Rowe Brewer LLP’s Family Law experts, and the Family Consultants who assist them, certainly agree with the approach, reasoning and desired objective of managing a new phase of life in the best way possible.

Growing apart successfully: The Sane Way to Divorce in the 5-Way Collaborative Process

The 5-Way Collaborative Process is based on the same ‘Conscious Uncoupling’ ethos – a family solutions-driven process in which couples take support and advice of an emotional, legal and financial nature at a difficult time, then use these resources in a constructive way. Communication is maintained, as well as the ability to retain or build self-esteem and dignity, to be individuals, parents and families, to the best of your ability.

Lisa Broddle, at Stone Rowe Brewer LLP, Family and Collaborative Lawyer / Mediator, says of the Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow case: “We wish this couple, and the many others going through the same transition and painful process, well. However, making the right choice in how you decide to separate and divorce will affect your family’s future – the Collaborative Process should certainly be considered as your preferred option.

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