Church Street Voted The Best Street In Twickenham

Church Street won a Gold Certificate of Merit as the best Street in the Borough and Twickenham, as a Village, won the silver Schooling Cup as the best Village entry, at an awards presentation held at York House last Wednesday.

Stone Rowe Brewer is located right at the heart of Church Street and was delighted to support the efforts to keep our area looking so welcoming we hope to continue to play a part in ensuring that good work continues.

Church Street has historically always provided a central thoroughfare and was in fact previously the High Way to London – however, it was almost bulldozed as part of the town centre remodelling during the 1960s.

If it were not for the protests of local traders, and the support of poet John Betjeman, Church Street maybe been lost forever, which would have been a real tragedy when you realise what an asset it is to our community.