The New “Gross Income Scheme” Introduced

From the 29th of July 2013, the new “gross income” regime for calculating child maintenance was extended to families with two or more children. Previously the “gross income” scheme had only been open to families with four or more children.

New applications to the Child Maintenance Service (CMS), previously the Child Support Agency (CSA) will be assessed under this new regime, where the paying parent’s gross income, rather than their net income, is used to calculate the child maintenance to be paid.

It is anticipated that the Government will introduce charges for making an application to, and for using, the CMS to administer the collection and payment of child maintenance. Parents will still be open to entering into agreements between themselves regarding child maintenance and so avoid using the CMS.

For more information contact Child Maintenance Options,, telephone 0208 988 0988.

For specific advice on your particular circumstances, please contact our Family Team on 0208 891 6141.