Provision Of Care Framework Updated

elderly-300x188A new framework for the provision of care comes into force today (April 1, 2015). The Care Act 2014 builds on existing rules but has a new focus on providing support not only for those needing care but also for their carers.

Local Authorities now have a duty to promote wellness and prevent care from becoming necessary, rather than just responding when a crisis hits. Councils must work to a national framework that aims to end the practice of neighbouring boroughs providing differing levels of service.

Not all of the new provisions set out in the Act come into force on April 1, however. The long-awaited cap on personal liability for care fees will not apply until next April.

If you are receiving care, or are a carer, and would like advice on how the new rules apply to you, please contact our Private Client team on 020 8891 6141 or e-mail