Sharp Intestate Rise Highlights Why Making A Will Is Essential

elderly-300x188The topic of a BBC Radio 5 talk show earlier today focussed on the worrying number of people who continue to die without a Will – in fact the number has doubled over the past five years.

According to Citizens Advice figures, they had 1,522 queries relating to deaths where no Will was in place during 2011, with the number soaring to 3,747 in 2015 – the charity said it had also seen a jump in queries relating to problems executing Wills.

A YouGov survey backed up these findings, with results showing that nearly two-thirds of the British adult population do not have a will – of the 1,794 adults questioned during 2015, only 38% said they had made adequate provisions.

The BBC programme highlighted many tragic personal stories including one where Brian, who did not wish to give his surname, administered his cousin Peter’s estate after he died without making a Will, leaving an estate worth £700,000. The process took around two years, cost thousands of pounds and resulted in 17 people, some of whom had never met Peter, splitting his estate. One visit to a Solicitor would have solved that situation.

Jonathan Smithers from the Law Society underlined those sentiments when he said; “A will helps to ensure that your assets are divided among the family, friends and charities of your choice, and can help you manage the amount of inheritance tax you pay.”

Here at Stone Rowe Brewer, our goal is to make the preparation of your Will as friendly and clear as possible. We help you to find the best solution for documenting your wishes, no matter how straightforward or complex your affairs. Whether you wish to leave your estate to your spouse, children, friends or charity, our Solicitors will prepare a Will that meets your precise needs. We can also advise you with tax-saving Wills.

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