Relationship Preparation

We are able to assist you in considering the agreements that you and your Partner can make to provide clarity and certainty in your lives together and help you to avoid possible future conflict.

It is important to discuss your views and document your agreements for all partners whether, living together, prior to engagement, marriage or civil partnership, or after marriage or civil partnership.

We can consider the issues that are important to you, prepare you to discuss them with your partner, provide advice and draft the agreements:

  • Living Together Agreements.
  • Declaration of Trusts.
  • Co Ownership Agreements.
  • Pre-Nuptial/ Marital Agreements.
  • Pre-Civil Partnership Agreements.
  • Post-Nuptial/ Marital Agreements.
  • Post-Civil Partnership Agreements.

Relationship Preparation will maximise understanding and communication between you and your Partner.  If the relationship runs into difficulties, in the future, you will have an agreement in place and a method of resolving issues that you can use at a distressing time.

Manage your life now and for the future.

Please discuss the way you would like to approach sorting things out with us in either an:


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